Areas of Practice

General Counsel Service

A unique aspect of Fletcher & Sippel LLC's law practice is the role that several of its attorneys perform as "General Counsel" for rail-related companies. Because over half of our partners have served as in-house counsel for Class I and II railroads, we have been able to provide a highly-valued level of experience and industry insight to smaller businesses, many of which cannot afford to retain full time in-house counsel.

A large part of our practice focuses on bringing that wealth of experience to our smaller clients by acting as their "General Counsel." In that role, we help our clients analyze and structure business transactions, develop and implement corporate policies, procedures, handbooks, and practices, and generally assist them, not only to comply with legal requirements but also to minimize risk in their day-to-day operations. We regularly review or manage litigation, insurance, contracts, regulatory compliance and advise on other aspects of risk management, as well as design and execute governmental and public policy programs. Of course, we also provide our clients with access to an extensive web of business, industry, and governmental relationships.